Since I was a boy I have dreamed stories that became reality. I started out creating epic Lego Castle battles and G.I. Joe action sequences. I have since graduated to filmmaking to develop projects with my imagination.

I have produced, directed, and edited narrative films, documentaries, and many other projects. I am a believer in putting all my efforts into seeing a project through to completion.

One of my biggest beliefs is “collaboration is key.” Every production leads to new opportunities to work alongside new talent in the world. I am privileged to have worked with many others that strive to see their dreams become reality. I hope to continue to meet more active dreamers.

My enthusiasm to create leads me to venture out in search of new projects with each snap of the shutter. I ambitiously want to improve my technical and storytelling skills every time. If you have the same passion, invite me to discuss your projects.

My site will be a showcase of past and current projects with a sampling of production tips. I have striven to continually learn the art of filmmaking and will gladly share my knowledge while learning from others who share my passion. I hope you enjoy the blog.

Jason Williams