Directors of the Short Film Indefinite

Jason Williams

I am a film production student with a short list of professional credits to my name. Three productions I collaborated on showcased in film festivals. The documentary Ghost Hunting: Serious Business (2004), the short narrative 3 Minute Dates (2006), and the music video Train to Forever (2004) for the band Upside Groove Coalition. Chris and I met in the Film Production program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The first class we shared was Basic Video. I believe a VHS camera was used to demonstrate how to shoot. Wow, that seemed quite ancient technology considering I owned a Canon XL-1s that shoots MiniDV. Outside of class we found it very easy working together.

I was particularly interested in Chris’ skill in drawing comics. In my youth I created a series of characters to mimic the styles of D.C. Comics. The characters were a mix of humans with animalistic features. Of course I learned quickly that my talents lie elsewhere. My drawings skills have remained as shaky as a typical 8-year-old. Meeting Chris brought me back to that youthful time in my life to turn paper and graphite into characters. Chris introduced me to the graphic novel Watchmen. That graphic novel revealed a vivid multi-layered story that I had not read as a pre-teen. While paging through the graphic novel there became an immediate connection between “comic book” cell art and the Indefinite short film. I was entertained by the Watchmen and felt it would be an excellent project to entertain others with a comic book movie.

Creating an action movie was fitting nicely with my long-term growth as a filmmaker. Several previous projects integrated very stationary shooting setups with cameras mostly mounted on tripods. I needed to learn more about techniques with movie shoots. Chris was on board to expand our knowledge of advanced camera techniques. That was a big goal of creating this project technically. Indefinite connects our fond youthful memories to create a project that we could enjoy over the long haul and strengthen our filmmaking skills.

Chris Kuiper

I would like to add the following about myself to add to Jason’s post. As he stated we both studied Film Production at UWM. We became quick friends and whenever Jason had a project he was working on where he needed crew people, he always invited me to help.  I was a camera operator at The Rave concert hall during the music video shoot for Train to Forever he directed. I love the hands on technical aspect of filmmaking and the opportunity it affords to tell stories. Most of my personal achievements in film were with art films such as Daymire (2001), Passages (2004) and The Cage (2005).

I am also passionate about the comic book medium, as it has many similarities with filmmaking and I love to draw. I have been creating comics now and again for fifteen years. Breadman is one series that I started in 1999. The story revolves around the hero Breadman and his sidekick Doughboy. The story style is “choose your own adventure.”

After I graduated in 2005, I wanted to create a project that took everything I learned in school and combined it to show what I could do. My original idea was to make a short 5 to 10 minutes full of action. It was shot extremely basic (no script). I shot some footage with some other friends (Zach, Jason Schommer, and Paul) which eventually got scrapped. Then in the fall of 2005 I met with Jason and showed him an early draft of a script I had been working on based on the action short, and then we decided to team up and create that movie, which became Indefinite.

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