Indefinite Comic and Film Series Synopsis

Indefinite follows the stories of two main characters, Otto and Jonas, and how their lives intersect. The story is broken into three overlapping segments: a comic book, a short film, and a second comic book to finish the series.

The first segment follows Otto’s story. Otto has just lost his daughter and his job. He worked for J-Corp stealing competitor’s research and creating accidents. Otto discovers J-Corp developed a new drug with an interesting side-effect. Its value is tremendous and Otto sets out to steal the drug.

The second segment of the series shows the battle between Otto and the “Man in the Mask” for J-Corp’s drug. Otto is double-crossed and now the vials are out of his possession. He must regain them from Jonas to protect himself.

The third segment focuses on the battle between J-Corp, Otto, and Jonas for the fantastical drug. J-Corp’s lead man, Lalo, tracks the vials back to Otto. Lalo hunts Otto with an army of men.  A battle royal breaks out…

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