Origin Story of Indefinite

Chris Kuiper originally developed the idea for Indefinite as a comic book. The primary intention of the production is to create a project that stretches our filmmaking knowledge to the limits. The film will merge martial arts, special effects, night shooting, interior shooting, and anything we feel is achievable in the final year of college. Of great importance is the desire to produce a professional looking finished film.

My favorite comic book movie character is Batman, specifically the Michael Keaton version. Batman, movies have a similar tone to the style planned for Indefinite. Our movie is focused on the seedy world of the crime boss Otto. Entangled in the web of greed is the flawed protagonist Jonas, his girlfriend Amber, and the mysterious “Man in the Mask”.

The original run time of this project will be ten minutes for school and a longer cut for our own enjoyment. To accompany the film Chris is developing two comics. The film is issue #2 in the series and the comics are #1 and #3.

The following posts for Indefinite describe the journey to create the film.

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